Making Moves Dance Festival

Jiva Dance presents newly commissioned work

Jiva Dance will present new works by Sonali Skandan and Maya Kulkarni as part of the 2022 Making Moves Dance Festival presented by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL). We present two work in progress premieres an one restaged work:

Elements addresses the climate crisis with the Pancha Maha Bhoota, or five primordial elements.

Durga powerfully juxtaposes the sowmya (calm) and bhairav (fierce) nature of Devi

Kundalini Rising is an offering to the morning sun, arriving in a chariot as it were to awaken the energy traversing through the Kundalini Chakras.

Dancers: Sonali Skandan, Anugraha Sridhar and Swati Prasad with special guest artist Mesma Belsaré

Jiva Dance was honored to have received a commissioning grant for this work from JCAL.