Do you offer trial classes?

Though classes are run by the session, students are permitted to take 1 paid trial class. The fee will depend on the class level.

Do I have to register for the full session?

Yes, we do not offer walk in classes, as classes are taught in a progressive manner.

I have studied Bharatanatyam before, do I need to start in the Beginner group?

The level for all new students will be determined by the teacher. In some cases, if the style is vastly different, the student will be asked to join the beginner group to refresh adavus and foundational steps. All classes do begin with a warm up with adavu practice regardless of level.

Will I get performance opportunities?

Every Spring, Jiva presents Vidyanjali, which features the talents and achievements of students at all levels. Vidyanjali provides an opportunity for students to experience dancing with live orchestral accompaniment, a very unique and special experience for all students. The show is funded every year through tickets sales by all the students and our patrons. In some cases, students would have to purchase/rent Bharatanatyam costumes and jewelry for the performance.

More experienced students will get opportunities to perform at various events and festivals throughout the year as well.

What is the dress code for class?

Students are asked to wear cotton salwar kameez and dupatta. If students do not have a set, they can wear loose fitting t-shirts and gym pants in the interim. Older students may be asked to wear a dance practice sari.

What materials do I need to bring to class?

Students should bring a notebook, a pen/pencil, the theory notes and practice log which will be emailed to them.